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Our Services

  1. Site Development
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Site Maintenance

Website Development

Simply speaking, you have an idea to create a presence on the internet and our web development team will help you to accomplish the task. Please contact us today and have your website up and running tomorrow.

How It works
All website development projects differ in nature, but the process follows a development cycle as discussed below.

Identifying your needs Through discussions, we help you to find out if your site is a brochure site, a sales site or an integrated site. We have some discussions about this on our What do I need page. All these findings will be summarized in a project proposal. Accompanying the project proposal is the project specifications with a cost estimate and a draft development contract. A sample development contract is provided for your preview.

Visualizing your idea Once the project scope is defined, we start building the foundation of your site by asking you to select the theme color and pick a site layout design. We have provided pages of resources to help you to choose. These pages will be frequently updated with more useful materials.

Putting it in code We code pages using commonly found technologies so that most of the visitors to your site can browse the pages without the need to download or install new applications. Pages coded by us are also standard compliant. You can find out why standard compliance is important from this report.

Making sure it works The code will be put on a test site so that you can monitor the progress and help testing to make sure that the site is functioning as you want before it goes live.

Web Hosting

In order to serve our customers better, we provide web hosting services to customers who have their sites developed and/or maintained by us. This allows our customers to turn to one single agent for all their web site related matters.

With the hosting services, we help you set up your email accounts and a database for your website needs. We do not post limits on storage spaces for any reasonable use according to our web hosting agreement. A sample web hosting agreement is provided for your preview.

Please contact us today for more details.

Web Site Maintenance

You must change and update your website to give your customers good reasons to visit you again! Therefore you need to maintain your site continuously.

There are two types of maintenance:
  • Maintenance due to changing needs
    Minor jobs include
    • simple page design changes
    • simple navigational changes
    • insertion of graphics
    Major jobs such as inserting new screens, additional information and page/site redesign will require a new development contract. Please check our page on site development.
  • Maintenance due to recurring needs
    Jobs include
    • publication of periodicals such as newsletters and press releases
    • publication of event schedules and reports
    • files and database backups
If you do not have the resources to maintain your site consistently, we can help. We can provide our services on a job-by-job basis charged at our current hourly rate. Or our services can be covered by a retainer contract. Please contact us today for a head start.

A sample maintenance contract is provided for your preview.