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IWA Standards of Professional Practices
We are committed to be a fair, responsible and professional website solution provider and will serve our clients according to the following standards of professional practice. For a full interpretation of the standards, please visit the IWA page at
  • Standard one: quality of service [show/hide details]
    Quality of Service is an expectation and demand of all members.
    A member's quality of service is an outgrowth of technical competence, personal character, responsive and informative communication; and appropriate care of property.
  • Standard two: full disclosure [show/hide details]
    Full disclosure of all pertinent information requires, without reservation, disclosure to the client, employer or public, all relevant information a member possess with regard to the member's employment.
  • Standard three: fair and reasonable rates [show/hide details]
    A member of the Association shall at all times charge fair and reasonable fees commensurate with the service being provided and fully disclose the amount of such fees prior to the time the service is to be provided. At no time shall the member accept remuneration from more than one party for services rendered without full knowledge and written agreement of all parties involved.
    All fees charged for services shall be in accordance with applicable statutory provisions and/or local established rules and customs.
    A fee is fair and reasonable if it is one which can be justified in the light of all pertinent circumstances, including the factors mentioned herein.
  • Standard four: confidential information [show/hide details]
    A member shall hold in strict confidence all information provided in confidence by a client or person requesting confidentiality. In addition to the member's fiduciary obligation to the client, member shall at all times exercise loyalty to the interests of the client with respect to confidential information and shall not engage in any activity which could be reasonably construed as contrary to the best interests of the client. The members shall not use confidential information for personal purposes or personal gain.
    The member shall not disclose to a third party any confidential or proprietary information concerning the client's business or personal affairs unless the disclosure is required or compelled by law or regulations. All obligations and duties of the member to clients, firms and employers shall also apply to relationships with former clients and former firms and employers. The member shall act in a professional manner when, for whatever reason, relationships are terminated between the member and clients.
  • Standard five: advertising and promotional practices [show/hide details]
    Members shall only use those advertising and promotional practices which fairly and accurately inform prospective clients and the public of the member's services, qualifications, credentials, and other relevant professional information.
  • Standard six: laws and conduct of business [show/hide details]
    A member shall abide by all laws, rules, regulations, certification and licensing requirements applicable to his or her profession. All business or professional practices shall be in strict accordance with all applicable laws, rules, professional standards, and regulations governing the member's business, practice or profession.
  • Standard seven: good citzenship [show/hide details]
    Members shall conduct themselves in their daily lives in a manner which looks beyond self or corporate interest to the interest of others and society as a whole, not just the avoidance of harm.
  • Standard eight: relationtiships: employee/employer client/former client [show/hide details]
    A member has a duty of loyalty and allegiance to his or her client/employer so long as such does not result in the breach of the Code of Ethics of the International Webmasters Association.